For the second year as I’m the hero of another useless political show

For the second year as I’m the hero of another useless political show, with loud statements of the Prosecutor General, illegal detentions, trials and accusations of all mortal sins.

Another round of this farce started a month ago: I was illegally detained in the plane when I was flying to an international meeting, and after 12 (!) hours after detention was handed a notification on suspicion in infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine. The text of the notification will not even comment, I have the feeling that it was not written by professional lawyers and school students. No facts, no specifics, some assumptions. Of course, I dispute these politically motivated charges.

It’s been over a month since my arrest and confinement in jail , and half of the deadline set for the investigation of criminal offences. This month has not conducted any investigations, I did not cause any questioning by the investigator, did not provide any evidence of my guilt. Any sane person understands that it means only one thing – law enforcement officers have no facts of my unlawful activities. And all their accusations and allegations are nothing but political PR.

I am often asked why I have not left the country. But to escape means to admit his guilt. And I’m not to blame. I’m not privy to any of those words and actions announced by the Prosecutor’s office and some media. All based on the unsubstantiated words of a man who has long had personal motives, interest and intent to harm me, and the personal hatred of the attorney General, which he does not hesitate to declare in their press conferences.

P. S. While in prison to communicate with you will be difficult, but with the help of my lawyers I will try to do it regularly.