Today, investigators plan to finally question the first witness in my case

Today, investigators plan to finally question the first witness in my case – tried previously or for serious bodily injury, extortion…Oh Sergei Korsun, took an active part in the seizure of the building Lugansk SBU.

Career of the subject in the so-called LC has not worked, and he soon left the ranks of the separatists, and in the fall of 2014 already put forward a candidate in people’s deputies (!) at 105 constituency (part of Luhansk). However, the elections were never held.

So, Korsunsky was detained in early February 2016, in the Poltava region. At that time, according to media reports, he worked in the National police in Kharkiv region. In the Department of criminal investigation, well-paid work.

Until that time, neither the SBU, nor the Prosecutor General’s office has no claims to it was not. In 2014, even the SBU carried out searches at the residence of Mr. Korsunsky, resulting in no charges brought against him was not. What has changed? Why in February of 2016 he was detained again, and now the GPU considers it one of the key witnesses in my case?

The answer, I think, on the surface: none of the powers that are not beneficial to seek the true culprits of the loss of Ukrainian territories. You must assign blame. Preferably, the face of the known representatives of the so-called «poperednica». And the promise of a couple of unscrupulous people some preference for the required readings. I am interested to hear what the investigator tells g-n Korsun.

And Yes, look at your leisure the Internet for information about this subject. Many interesting things you can find.